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Barcode reader resources


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Hi All-


Can someone point me to a good resource for information about FMP 8.0 compatible Code 128 barcode readers? I can't figure out if I need a "keyboard wedge" or if a simple USB reader will work. I don't want to spend more than $200 if possible.


Here's what I need it for:

-I am adding barcodes to each asset of a video tape library.

-I'm using pre-printed code-128 barcode labels, no need for FMP to print barcodes.

-the barcodes will be scanned to create a new record, and then scanned to access and edit a record.

-this is not a networked database at this time, but it may become one later on.





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A barcode reader is simply an input device like a keyboard. So what you are asking is like asking which keyboards are FMP 8.0 compatible ;)


What you need to look at is whether they will work on your computer (Mac or PC) and how they can be programmed. For example most barcode readers can be programmed to send a return, enter of tab character after the barcode scan. A return character can be useful for example to resume a paused script.


That should be all you need to know.

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