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checkbox fields to new records


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using FM8.0 on Windows

Entering therapy services for residents of a Nursing Home. Curently entering each service for each resident as a new record. However entry was tedious as I need to searcha list of 170 residents for each service- even though I use "previous record" for service and date entry. I now have a new layout where I can display all 170 residents in a checkbox field and enter new records by clicking new record the the appropriate checkbox ( changing service and date as and when needed).That's an improvement but annoying as the screen flashes and chunks with each entry.

Does anyone have a simple script which would take the list of residents from the checkbox and create a new record for each resident "checked" using a common service and date . That is, if 20 residents attend Bingo on 1/8/2006 I want to be able to enter "bingo", "1/8/2006", and check off the 20 names, run the script and have 20 new records entered into the services DB. Any assistancegreatlyappreciated.

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Hi AAA ( Triple "A")

I've had a go and almost have it -I think !

Note that the user has clicked new record and (say) 10 resident ID's( checkboxs) before running script hense the resident ID field has 10 values- which is revealed with the value(count) function.

Ive set 3 variables $x=1( counter), $y=value count( ie 10) and $z = the residentID field( which I hoped had 10 values!)

Then I run a loop


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Sorry accidently submitted reply-


new record/request

Setfield(therapy::ResID; Getvalue($z,$x)

Exit loop if [$x=$y]

set variable [$x; value:$x+1]

end Loop


This almost works but dosn't seem to recognise the $x position of the $z list. Is this because $z only has one value and not all ten previously identified ?


I have a flag script to delete the original record after the 10 new records are created - but unfortunately the 10 new records (which get created) don't have the res ID . Your further input would be terrific

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Hi Again AAA


Got it to work by replacing the $x variable with a counter field in the table and increasing that - per the FM loop help example.


Only problem is that the screen tends to redraw(?) the checkbox field which is large ( ie 170 checkboxs ) and this delays (minutely) the entry of each selection and looks a little chunky. Is it possible to stop this ?

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