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Finding out if Window is maximised


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Hi Guys and girls,


Is there an easy way to find out if the window is maximised other than hard coding all the screen sizes for various resolutions and using get (windowWidth) etc. to do a compare?


Kind regards Ron

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Hi Ron

I don't think there is an easy way but you could try a calculation comparing screen size or desktop size to window size. However, you have to account for whether various items are showing - the status bar (Windows), toolbars.


What are you wanting to do? Why do you want to know? For example, you could just maximise the window anyway and this would have no effect if it was already maximised. There may be a better way than what you are thinking. It is always best to explain what you are trying to do as well as what you (think) you need to do - then you could get some better methods to what you might have been thinking.

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Hi David,


Great comments as usual..


In my solution everything is done in windows which are centered.


If you maximise the layout and then navigate to another layout, the new layout is shown in the default window size. Part of the navigation script creates the screen size and centers the window.


What I am trying to achieve is if I can find out if the screen is maximised, then I can bypass the screen resizing script and keep the window maximised.


Kind regards Ron

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