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TextColor with Evaluate?


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Hello Gang,


Here's my issue. I'm trying to create a log for join tables that logs the changed data from a field using an evaluate( ) function. It works, but my problem is with the graphical formatting. I can't seem to get the textcolor( ) function to work with the evaluate function... If someone can see where I'm screwing up in my syntax, I'd greatly appreciate it!


The field is called Audit_Trail_noquote, it is a text field with an autoenter calc:


Evaluate ( Quote (TextColor( Get (AccountName); RGB (200;0;0)) & "¶" & Audit_Trail_noquote); [Table1Key; Table2Key; JoinNotes] )


It was a lot more complicated but right now, I just want it to put the accountname into the field and change the color to red. So currently it will produce something to the nature of:







Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)



Your humble FM apprentice

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Instead of struggling with an already over-complicated formula, you can simply get rid of the Evaluate() function altogether.


It is a common misconception: the Evaluate() function has a mechanism for updating the result when one of the dependent fields is modified. However, it is a mistake to use the Evaluate() function just because it has this mechanism.


ANY calculation will update its result when one of the REFERENCED fields is modified (provided that the modified field is in the same record, or a global field in the same table - but this is also true when using the Evaluate() function). So all you need to do is reference the dependent fields:


Let (

trigger = Table1Key & Table2Key & JoinNotes


TextColor ( Get (AccountName) ; RGB (200;0;0) ) & "¶" & Audit_Trail_noquote


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