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How should I embed quicktime in our Filemaker Database?


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Up until now, the only people that accessed our database used OSX. In order to insert quicktime clips into records and not need to copy files to each local workstation, I created a share in OSX Server that users would connect to through our LAN or the internet. A volume called FILEMAKER_CLIPS mounts on the desktop, and that is where all the clips are stored and inserted into records. It is fast and easy.


Now I need to share the database with someone using Windows. Would FTP work? Or, is there anyway the filepath can be identical using Samba. I am not very experienced with Windows so all advice communicated in a simple manner is doubly appreciated.


My assumption has always been that I should not insert large clips into our database as it will grow huge and slow down. Is that a fair assumption?

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I think you're right about embedding.

I'm not really sure what you're trying to achieve:

- having the users select clips from the volume to link / insert in a container

- have a clip 'load' from the volume when viewing a record.


Either way, a PC can be hooked into a mac LAN using tcp/ip so you can access the server volume on the PC. I did so using fixed IP adresses. You need to start windows file service on the OSX server.





and there's some network control panel on the PC you need to set to workgroup. sorry, no image of that one.


Over the internet, I'm not sure. It should be doable but I have no experience.



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