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Lookup query and then some


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i'm building a database with contacts as well as invoices. I have set up unique Contact IDs as well as unique Invoice IDs (ContactID & Get(RecordID)).


Invoices are on a seperate layout from contacts.


I want to be able to have a list of the invoices that relate to each individual contact. I want to list each related InvoiceID, Creation Date, Invoice Description, and Total on each contact records page. Ideally, I want to be able to double click on an InvoiceID listed on the contact layout and go directly to the specified Invoice.


A. Is this possible?

B. How do I set the contact page up so that the Invoice ID, creationdate etc are 'pulled' from the Invoice layout?

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It sounds like you need to set up a portal in the contacts table that shows the related invoices. In a portal, you can show any related field.


Use the ContactID as relationship key.


if you need further assistance, please post again.



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Hi Brantritter,


"...Invoice IDs (ContactID & Get(RecordID))."


Your Invoices should have their own uniqueID (serial) and using Get(RecordID) is not a good idea. If your ContactID is its own field then relating to Contacts would be simple Contacts::ContactID = Invoices::ContactID. As it is, 1) You will have to create a calculation to split the ContactID from the RecordID as: LeftWords ( InvoiceID ; 1 ). Why put together when you will always need to split apart?


RecordIDs 1) become very large very quickly, 2) are sequential but not necessarily incremental by 1 and 3) may not be unique if you export/import because they are based upon the table. They do not work well as unique IDs.



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