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Multikey Lookup


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I have an invoice/line items system set up, and at the recommendation of kjoe (thanks!), I changed the price to a lookup so that my invoices won't be affected if the prices of my products change.


However, each product pulls a list of potential product options from a separate table and displays them as a checkbox; do I need a different field to lookup the price of each product option, or can I lookup all of the prices from the single field with multiple options selected? How would I do it?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Hardline


I remember you bringing up the same issue



It may be possible to do add the option's price additions and bonusses using a multikey; assuming the options are stored in an options table:


instead of a lookup, an auto- enter calc (replace existing):



however this is less robust than a lookup. If the price is updated, it will not update in the line item. But if an new option is selected after a price update, formerly selected options will update their price as well.

Their may be other issues, but this is what my test turned up.


Perhaps it's advisable to at least look into another setup to select options. take a look at the

duoportals sample by CobaltSky.



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Thanks for the response, kjoe. I'm not really sure how I would use the duoportals in this case. I think the best solution (at least for now) is the auto-enter calc. I had my line item totals as unstored calcs, and at least this way it will save the information unless someone edits the line item.


Thanks again!

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What I thought: say the main table is your subscriber. The left portal shows his subscriptions. The right one, the options per subscription.

but I admit it takes some work to set it up.



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