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Trial Time and Serial Validation


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Attached there is a file I was playing arount to create a date validation and a maximum records allowed calculation, the date and serial part works fine but combined in one script I have trouble.

Also how can I make the date valide between two dates and after the second (Trial End Date) you can only open the solution with a password.


The password is 1234, you can set the date manually so u can test the calc. Any help is very welcome! Thanks!



Oh Really!


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Final goal is one protected solution. Only accessible with a Registration code.

The sample I'm trying to make has or should have:

Registration code Validation (Serial)

Trial Expiration (Only usable between first time opened till 20 days.)

Total Record Count Validation (Cant enter more than 20 records)

User Validation (Can only be used with one system user on one system)




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I'm sorry, I still can't tell what you're asking here. Oh Really!



Ok what I would like is critics, is there a better way to do it, maybe a simpler more stable way!


I'm a newbe and I try to learn to do the things the right way. So if you have time and you could take a look at it and maybe give me some comment on or if it is set up right I would appreciate it.



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