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Portal Scroll Bar


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Doing some apps with multi portals on the layout. Before, when I use scroll bars, they do appear and were not troublesome.

But somehow some settings were changed, now when I create a portal, with the scroll bar selected, there is a space there on the right that represents the scroll bar but the scroll bar is transparent or invisible.

Tried several things but to no avail. Everytime I create a portal now with a scroll bar, it is invisible. Need to know where to reset the transparency or view of the scroll bar.

Thank you in advance.



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Tried several things but to no avail...

Sounds like you have the transparency attribute turned on for layout line properties.


To correct it, select the portal (in layout mode), then apply a line fill color from the line palette in the Status Area. Choose a color that will contrast with the background (eg black).


If you then deselect the portal (and everything else) and then choose a line color, the next portal you create should have a visible scroll bar outlined in the chosen line color. ;)

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