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I have two databases. One for product info and one for purchase orders. In the product info database, I have a field for product description and a separate field for price...in the purchase order database, I have a field for products which is set as a drop down box which lists products based on the vendor name in the product datatbase. My question is...how do I relate the price to the product in the product info database and then how do I get that price to automatically populate in the purchase order database when a product is selected?

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You could just put the price field from the products database on the purchase orders layout.

what if next year prices change? all your old purchase orders will update.

you'd better create a lookup based on the product ID (Not the vendor name!). So make your drop down box based on a value list of the product ID, show the vendor as second field (or even only this field, filemaker will use the ID in the first field). Then create a field in the purchase orders table: LookupPrice, in the field options dialog tell fm to lookup the price field based on the product ID relationship.


that way your price list is always accurate but your orders line items will always reflect the actual sell price.




edit: sample added

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That all makes sense, but where I am having the most trouble is creating a relationship that links the price to the description (two separate fields) in the same database (Vendor Catalog). Once I can get price A to always link with product B, then I can set it up to auto populate in the other database (Purchase Orders), when the specific product is chosen. I guess an easier explanation is that when I choose a product from the drop list in the PO database, I'd like to get the price to auot populate in the price field. How do I get the price to match with the product in the Catalog Database?

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