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How do I make a number field update its calculated value?


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Hi all,


When entering widgets into a database, I have a number field called UNIT PRICE.


However, sometimes all that is available to me is the CASE PRICE, which will yield the UNIT PRICE if divided by 12.


So, I want to calculate the UNIT PRICE as CASE PRICE / 12.


If I make UNIT PRICE a calculation field, it works fine, but then I can't enter a simple UNIT PRICE in this field (because calculation fields can't be modified.)


If I make UNIT PRICE a number field with a calculated value attached, it calculates the value only once. The UNIT PRICE does not change when the CASE PRICE is updated.


Any idea how to deal with this Catch-22??


Using Filemaker 8.0 on a Windows machine.

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Both fields (UnitPrice and CasePrice) should be standard number fields so you can manually change them. Then on the UnitPrice, add an Auto-Enter calculation with:


If ( CasePrice ; Round ( CasePrice / 12 ; 2 ) ; UnitPrice )


I threw the rounding in for good measure. IMPORTANT: Uncheck the box 'Do not replace existing value' in the Auto-Enter tab. Unchecking this box is the secret to it working!!


LaRetta smiley-smile

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