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Audit Logging issues


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Hey everyone,


We've got an audit-logging system set up in the main tables of our db. We tried numerous audit log systems and the only one we could get to work over 80% of the time was this one:


The CNS Audit Log




However, we have an issue. It won't log items in portals... so we can log anything in the layout, but if we're trying to log something changed in a portal, it won't do it, even if the logging is set up in the portal table.. (because the log system is set up to work from a layout, not through a portal/via a script, etc... does anyone have any suggestions how we could log things changed in the portals as well? This log system stuff has been the most difficult part of designing the DB and it seems like every audit system we tried would only work half of the time and then if anything was changed, it would break down. We used the Nighthawk system the longest other than this one, but it was very difficult to implement and if anything in the script was changed, it would break down. Then, even if we deleted the whole script and pasted it back in, it still wouldn't work. It was almost like it was caching it or something. Very odd. So we finally gave up on it and used this one. We like the format and it works just about every time. But the portal issue is one we've had with every audit system we've come across. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)




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