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Report sales by category


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Edit: Figured it out. This was way easier than I had anticipated. Sorry to clutter the forums!



I want to see if someone else knows a quick answer to this while I continue to work on it:


I'd like to generate a sales report by category for CC processing batches. Basically, all the orders within a month get a batch number, and I need to have a report to compare with our bank statement so that we can make sure that all the money we get is going out to the right places. I'm pretty sure that I can get just the batch that I want to report by drilling down through the orders to my line items. Line items reference the inventory, and it's the inventory table that keeps track of the category for each product.


So, what is the best way to report sales in a given month based on the category?

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Well, well, reporting can get pretty complex but here's a start.


1. Create a new layout that shows your sales

2. On this layout, create a subsummary part that and place the "Sales Category" field on it.

3. Modify the sub-summary part to summarize records when sorted by category.

4. Create a new script and it should look something like this....


Go to layout (Sales Report Layout)

Enter Find Mode

Set Field: SalesDateField (DesiredDate1...DesiredDate2)

Perform Find

Sort Records (by category)

Enter Preview Mode


I assume you know what to do next

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