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Custom function to extract text from web content


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Hello to all!


This is a quick custom function that you can use to extract text from an HTML source when extracting the source from a web page using the filemaker function:


GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( objectName ; attributeName {; repetitionNumber ; portalRowNumber} )


Here is my custom function:



Middle (source ; Position ( source ; start ; 1 ; 1 ) + Length ( start ) ; Position ( source ; end ;Position (source; start ; 1 ; 1 ) ; 1 )-(Position ( source ; start ; 1 ; 1 ) + Length ( start )))



You need to create 3 parameters: Source, start, end


Where source is the HTML text, "start" is a unique text string in the HTML text right before the text you want to extract for example "ADDRESS_ESC_=", and finally, "end" is the text character or text string immediately after the text string you want to extract.


I tested this function with whitepages.com to extract a person information into separate field when searching by phone number and it worked. There may be bugs, but so far I haven't found any.


Good Luck!

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This sounds interesting. Could you go into more details as to how you set this up in FileMaker and how FileMaker knows where to pull the data from a particular site? What if the site has a sessionID and it expires?



(I'm new)

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Very clean, and it works great. Thank you. (where were you yesterday when I spent the day trying to pull together a similar script.)


Second question for anyone. Does anyone have a script that will strip ALL the HTML from a page and leave it as only text?


I'm using a very complex script now where I use extensive substitution functions, but the end result is not consistant.


For example, I'll replace all

tags with "that paragraph symbol" as well as all

. Then I have a custom function that removes all text that is between tag brackets .


Then I try to get rid of all blank lines but some odd HTML code must still be in there and screws up things.


Anyone? I use Filemaker to pick up my POP and iMap email with a plug in and then I want to file it under the persons name but if the email comes in as HTML I don't want to store that; just the text of the message.





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