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Disappearing text when printing


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Something has been happening to my layouts in Filemaker 8.0 that never happened in earlier versions.


I have a large number of layouts that are printed as forms we send clients. For some reason, random lines of text are disappearing from the printed version. Everything is there in the layout in Browse, and in Print Preview. However, when I print it, and a line is missing. If I switch records, the line is back.


It happens sporadically. The only way I've ever gotten it to stop is to reduce the font size, which I really don't want to do as there is plenty of room on the page.


Any thoughts out there? Thanks for the help.

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Yeah I'm having the same problem (the very reason I'm in the cafe tonight was to ask the same question). Stuff works in 7 but text disappears in 8.

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I recall reading about this (or an almost identical) problem with (I think) vs. 8.0v2. I know it had some print problems (shifting to the right when printing on Windows and print scaling when printing). I can't find a tech article on it but IIRC the updater to 8.0v3 mentions fixing these issues. What versions are you using?


And then again it might just be heat stroke (mine not yours). smiley-tongue-out

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you can define a second layout which has the watermark on it. Then in the print script, switch layouts.


re the dancing banana's, you can disable smilies in text. Yeah! Oh Really! :rolleyes: :D




"additional options" right below the advanced reply window.



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