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FileMaker Today Partners - Recommended Developers & Consultants

Work With a proven FileMaker Claris Developer - Consultant To Get Your Business Off the Ground.  Here's a list of our most recommended FileMaker Claris Developer - Consultant on FMT! Each and Every One of them use the best practices and recommended business architecture for building robust, production-quality apps and services.


  1. Point in Space - FileMaker Cloud Hosting   (10,310 visits to this link)

    Point in Space is our official Member Hosting Provider. To be clear we RECOMMEND FILEMAKER HOSTING with POINT in SPACE!  In addition to shared hosting services, Point In Space offers Virtual Dedicated FileMaker Cloud Servers - compare their prices to Amazon FileMaker Cloud to save BIG.

  2. SeedCode - FileMaker Calendars, Templates & Extensions   (8,970 visits to this link)

    News, Updates and Special Offers from our friends at SeedCode. SeedCode is the leading calendar - extensions developer for FileMaker Pro, the cross platform database and app creation environment from Apple. Our software enables developers to make more efficient and powerful apps for iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

  3. KiBiz Business Systems and KiPoint Pro   (8,444 visits to this link)

    The World's Leading FileMaker POS Solution for iPad, Mac, Windows, to quickly process your complete retail sales, NEW POS VERSION WILL BE RELEASED SOON. KiBiz Business Management Products connect the key parts of your business into one integrated BMS that run all your company's essential business processes. KiBiz covers from managing contacts, staff and customer relations, to managing the sales, inventory, purchasing, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, and accounting. You can also connect your point of sale, manufacturing processes, and rental equipment with the KiBiz Product line. KiBiz has it all.

  4. Jarvis - The Ultimate Go Anywhere - Customizable Business CRM   (10,354 visits to this link)

    New Jarvis 6.0 just released. Jarvis FMT's Preferred Business CRM was built for you. No matter the size of your business. Imagine your entire business, in one centralized application, shared with your team, that also travels with you. A feature rich integrated CRM, that is fully customizable and can grow as your business does. Get Jarvis NOW! What are you waiting for?

  5. MBS FileMaker Plugin - Monkeybread Software   (8,796 visits to this link)

    The Must Have Tool for FileMaker Developers recommended for every FileMaker Owner by the FMT Community... MBS is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today. We are now approaching close to 6000 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. If you have FileMaker you owe it to yourself to try this plugin now!

  6. 360Works Plugins - Products   (4,546 visits to this link)

    360Works is FMT's Go To FileMaker Dev Tool Resource! FileMaker Plugins, FileMaker Developer Tools, Extensions for FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker Server Plugins from 360Works . 

  7. 2empowerFM - Powerfull FileMaker Plugins   (5,031 visits to this link)

    Get more out of FileMaker with our line up of FileMaker Plug-ins. Developer Assistant, Hand Free Printer, Menu Popper and More.

  8. JobPro Business Software   (8,615 visits to this link)

    JobPro is our most recommended CRM for Business! JobPro Central is a comprehensive business software template which contains elements such as contact, job and time management, budgeting, scheduling, order processing, invoicing, assembly and inventory management that are further customizable.

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