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In this exclusive forum you get a little extra help. Real time FileMaker advice... instant answer notifications, upload-download problem or example files, private messaging and so much more. Your membership supports our forum!


FileMaker 18 is for Problem solvers like you turn to the FileMaker Platform — the world’s leader in workplace innovation — it will help you get out of your work rut and solve your unique business challenges. Use built-in custom app templates or drag and drop spreadsheets to get started. Easily build custom reports, connect to existing systems, integrate with external apps, and more.

Streamline your scattered information and inefficient processes. Use the FileMaker Platform to create your own app — a custom app — that works just right for your business. And since you know your business the best, you already have what it takes to make one.

The FileMaker 16 Platform is simply powerful software for creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

FileMaker Go

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Share information with ease For real-time data exchange, securely connect to databases hosted on FileMaker Server via the Internet. Any changes to your data appear instantly. Or your solutions can be copied or emailed to your iPad or iPhone and used off-line.

Leverage the power of Microsoft Office with the power of FileMaker

Integrating FileMaker with other software and platforms

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