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Getting Started with FileMaker - Sydney AU


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Get Started with FileMaker Pro is an introduction to FileMaker Pro and creating custom database solutions. It covers everything from creating a new solution, setting up data structure, customising the appearance, securing and deploying your file and more. While the course will cover features of FileMaker 16, you may be using any recent version of FileMaker Pro.

AU$990 (two full days – 8:30am-5:00pm)


This course is suitable for people with no experience with FileMaker Pro or with creating databases. However, if you are self taught, you will probably pick up a lot of tips and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. You should have a project in mind that you can start or progress after the course.


This course is BYOD – please bring along a laptop (Mac or Windows) with FileMaker Pro installed. No computers are provided.

If you do not have a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro, get a trial copy from the FileMaker web site. Note that the trial software only lasts 15 days, so do not use it more than a week prior to the course (it cannot be reinstalled).


You will receive comprehensive class notes and exercises, along with high quality teaching and discussions.

Classes are fully catered with lunch included.

At the end of the course, you will be entitled to a half hour online mentoring session valued at $150. You can use this to follow up on the training content or to get answers about your current project.


The FileMaker Platform – overview of the products and what they do
Building a Database – three different ways to start a custom database
Inside a Database – looking at tables, fields and relationships
Displaying Data with Layouts – creating layouts, using text and field objects
About Relationships – using keys to form relationships, viewing related data
More About Layout Objects – formatting objects, using other layout objects
Calculation and Summary Fields – creating and using
Scripting to Automate Processes – creating and running scripts
Exporting Data – methods to extract data from your file
Securing Your File – how to protect your data file
Sharing Your File – how to provide access to other users
Next Steps – where to from here

Visit the Training Site Now - Space is Limited

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