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Redesigned FileMaker Import Dialog



Redesigned FileMaker Import Dialog

The new FileMaker 18 Import Dialog has been redesigned to be more user-friendly, flexible and fast. Some of the new features include the ability to select the target fields in a list that can be filtered and the ability to perform auto-enter options individually for each field.

What Is New?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to select the target field from a list that can be filtered
  • A custom row can be used as the “Field Names” row in the source file for certain data types
  • Auto-enter options are independent for each field
  • Ability to import data from files using a custom character to separate values

User Friendly Interface

The way information is presented makes it easier for the users to understand how the import process works. For example the use of colors to define if the field will be imported or not, or if it will be used to find a match conveys what is going to be done in a very efficient and natural way.

Redesigned FileMaker Import Dialog User InterfaceIn addition FileMaker provides diagrams in a pop-up window of the different operations that could be performed when importing.

FileMaker Import Dialog Import Methods

Search Target Field

FileMaker now allows us to choose the target fields from a list that can be filtered, decreasing the time needed to map fields, especially when including a considerable amount of fields.

FileMaker Import Dialog Filter Fields

Use Custom Record As Field Names

You can now select any row in the import file as the header row (the row containing the field names). All rows in the file before the header row will be omitted.

Custom Row Header of Source File     Excluded Row When Using Custom Header

Independent Auto-Enters

You can choose which auto-enters to fire when importing by clicking on the red gear button located on the right side of each field with auto-enter options.

FileMaker Import Dialog Choose Which Fields to Fire Auto-Enters

Custom Character Separators

You have now the ability to import files that have separators other than commas and tabs, getting rid of the need to preprocess the file before importing.

FileMaker Import Dialog Custom Delimiter


FileMaker greatly improved importing with a more intuitive interface, a more efficient methodology, and more flexible functionality. Contact us if you would like help importing data into your FileMaker application.


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