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    FileMaker 18 is for Problem solvers like you turn to the FileMaker Platform — the world’s leader in workplace innovation — it will help you get out of your work rut and solve your unique business challenges. Use built-in custom app templates or drag and drop spreadsheets to get started. Easily build custom reports, connect to existing systems, integrate with external apps, and more.

    Kevin Frank

    Streamline your scattered information and inefficient processes. Use the FileMaker Platform to create your own app — a custom app — that works just right for your business. And since you know your business the best, you already have what it takes to make one.

    Michael Rocharde

    The FileMaker 16 Platform is simply powerful software for creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.


    FileMaker Go

    381 posts

    Share information with ease For real-time data exchange, securely connect to databases hosted on FileMaker Server via the Internet. Any changes to your data appear instantly. Or your solutions can be copied or emailed to your iPad or iPhone and used off-line.


    Leverage the power of Microsoft Office with the power of FileMaker


    Integrating FileMaker with other software and platforms

  2. FileMaker Pro Specific

    Scripts - Scripting

    9,735 posts

    FileMaker Scriptmaker Tips, Techniques & Troubleshooting


    Custom Functions

    1,192 posts

    A collection of Custom Functions for FileMaker Pro. Do you have a custom function to share? Post it here.



    Calculations, enough said! ...


    Creating and developing portals and relationships...

    Steve Martino

    Find, Sort and Search

    2,381 posts

    Using the Find, Sort and Search Modes...


    Layouts and Design

    4,837 posts

    FileMaker interface, design & layout...

    Michael Rocharde

    Printing, reports and more


    Exporting and importing to and from FileMaker Pro...

    Maarten Witberg


    815 posts

    FileMaker Pro and e-mail...


    Value Lists

    1,764 posts

    Value lists, pop up lists, conditional menus...


    Problems with FileMaker Pro and the Windows or Mac operating system...


    FileMaker Pro Installation and Upgrade Issues...

    Ross MacLane
  3. FileMaker Pro Networking and Security

    Questions about the FileMaker Pro Server, File Sharing and Networking. Brought to you by Point in Space our Preferred FileMaker Web Hosting Provider Partner for over 10 years - http://www.pointinspace.com




    541 posts

    ODBC Connection questions...

    Maarten Witberg

    FileMaker Security

    722 posts

    Database security...

  4. FileMaker Pro Resources

    FMT Member contributions including articles, tips, tricks & techniques. Please provide links to previously posted threads and demo or sample files.

    The Ray Cologon Files

    1,925 posts

    This forum is dedicated to none other than what I would call a clairvoyant in our FileMaker Cafe community. Author of the FileMaker 9 & 10 Bibles and winner of numerous FileMaker awards. Thank you Ray for over a decade of sharing on this forum and to all you have contributed to the world of FileMaker.

    Worldwide training courses from a variety of instructors. Discuss training courses and find the best course to suit your needs.

    Tools and Resources for the FileMaker Developer...
  5. FileMaker Today Partner Special Offers, News & Product Announcements

    KiBiz products connect the key parts of your business into one integrated FileMaker CRM ERP system that can help run all essential business processes. KiBiz covers from managing contacts, staff and customer relations, to managing the sales, inventory, purchasing, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, and accounting. You can also connect your point of sale, manufacturing processes, and rental equipment with the KiBiz Product line. KiBiz has it all.

    2,895 visits to this link

    The Must Have Tool for FileMaker Developers recommended for every FileMaker Owner by the FMT Community... MBS is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today. We are now approaching close to 6000 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. If you have FileMaker you owe it to yourself to try this plugin now!

    2,737 visits to this link

    Jarvis FMT's Preferred Business CRM was built for you. No matter the size of your business. Imagine your entire business, in one centralized application, shared with your team, that also travels with you. A feature rich integrated CRM, that is fully customizable and can grow as your business does. Get Jarvis NOW! What are you waiting for?

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    24U Software is well known as a key vendor of plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and a producer of FM Bench, a tool for auditing and optimizing FileMaker solutions. We unveiled the Marvelous Optimization Formula that helps us to efficiently optimize performance of FileMaker solutions and business processes by focusing on real bottlenecks.

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    News, Updates and Special Offers from our friends at SeedCode. SeedCode is the leading calendar - extensions developer for FileMaker Pro, the cross platform database and app creation environment from Apple. Our software enables developers to make more efficient and powerful apps for iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

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    Point in Space is our official Member Hosting Provider. To be clear we RECOMMEND FILEMAKER HOSTING with POINT in SPACE!  In addition to shared hosting services, Point In Space offers Virtual Dedicated FileMaker Cloud Servers - compare their prices to Amazon FileMaker Cloud to save BIG.

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    With over 23+ years experience building custom FileMaker solutions for clients, High-Voltage specializes in cutting edge FileMaker Solutions, Mobile Apps and Web Apps for your business. If you’re looking for a  FileMaker Developer to help you with your database requirements, we recommended FMT Five Star Affiliate High-Voltage as your trusted FileMaker Developer.

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    CNS is a leading developer of cross-platform plug-ins for FileMaker Pro. CNS is a FMT Affiliate that has been creating plug-ins since 1999, starting with our popular SMTPit product.

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  6. FileMaker Services - Offered and Wanted

    Need professional FileMaker help with a project. Stop posting on Craig's list and Guru's! Find the talent you are looking for here and get the results you are looking for. All Developers in this forum are screened and FileMaker Professionals.

    FileMaker Pros Available...

    Services Offered

    561 posts

    A Place to offer your FileMaker Services by Area of the country or World...
  7. Welcome to the Original FileMaker Forum

    forum news, updates and announcements...

    Forums Tips

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    Some helpful items on using our forums

    This is for forum related issues. Do not post FileMaker items here.

    Ross MacLane
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